The Group

Tirelli group, founded in the year 1947 by Cav. Tirelli Giacomo, has expanded its activity in Gardone Valle Trompia (Brescia), cradle of the Italian sporting arms, is really pleased to introduce its imagine and capability of service to the customers, with special attention to the most demanding ones.

Working since three generations in the field of wood processing for weapons, without leaving out the traditional criteria used to seasoning fine walnut, managed, thanks to the continuous technological innovations,  to achieve a high level of quality and particular professional carefulness until now unequalled.

Companies of the group

tl_files/tirelli/logo_tirelli.jpg Tirelli S.n.c.
Production and marketing of butts for hunting guns, sporting and defense.

F.I.M.A. S.n.c
Production of butts for hunting guns, sporting, defense and various objects.

tl_files/tirelli/logo_fil.jpg FIL. S.n.c.
Painting and paint removal of all kinds.

La Ditta è lieta di invitarVi

nel padiglione 1 al nostro stand n°503 , in occasione, della Fiera di Norimberga che si terrà dal 3 al 6 Marzo 2017 dove i nostri tecnici saranno a Vostra completa disposizione.